November 9, 2022

Coalition to Stop the Tax Hike Amendment Statement on Question 1

The Coalition to Stop the Tax Hike Amendment is disappointed by the passage of Question 1. There is no guarantee that this ill-conceived amendment will increase spending for either education nor transportation. It will, however, severely impact retirees, homeowners, and hardworking residents across the state. This amendment will hurt small businesses as they struggle with […]

November 3, 2022

Question 1 has pitfalls, no guarantees (Editorial)

Several reasons exist to vote “No,” on Question 1 on Tuesday’s statewide election ballot, but the best might be that there’s no assurance extra tax revenue would even go where it’s supposed to go. Question 1 is known colloquially as the “Fair Share Amendment,” or the “millionaire’s tax.” It would change the Massachusetts Constitution – […]

Boston Business Journal
October 12, 2022

Editorial: Vote no on ballot Question 1

Ballot Question 1 can’t guarantee one penny more in funding for education or transportation, so business leaders and taxpayers should speak out loudly against it and voters should reject it on Nov. 8. In the newest television advertisement from supporters of ballot Question 1, a woman makes the claim that the tax “raises $2 billion that the […]

Banker & Tradesman
October 9, 2022

Question 1 Is Unfair, and Won’t Work

Vaguely-Worded Tax Hike Will Push Residents, Business Out of Mass. This November, Massachusetts voters will deliberate on a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would drastically change income tax structure in the commonwealth. If passed, it would be one of the state’s highest-ever tax increases at a time when our state already has the […]

The Boston Globe
October 4, 2022

Millionaires tax proceeds are supposed to bolster education and transportation. Lawmakers would decide if they actually do.

Legislative leaders offered few assurances about where they, let alone future legislators, would funnel the proceeds from the so-called millionaires tax. One television advertisement touts a proposed surtax on wealthy residents as a cure for the state’s “teacher shortage.” The initiative would mean better roads, another spot says. Nearly every single ad from proponents says it would […]

The Boston Globe
September 22, 2022

There are rich people, and then there are the ‘one-time millionaires’

Opponents of the November ballot initiative that would raise taxes for some Massachusetts residents are out to redefine what it means to be wealthy. For more than a month, the campaign championing a special tax on the wealthy has blasted TV airwaves with a simple message: “They pay less and we pay more.” “They” are […]


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We are a coalition of concerned individuals, businesses, and organizations from across Massachusetts who are opposed to the flawed ballot question that would impose giant tax increases - damaging our economy, badly hurting small business owners, and resulting in even more lost jobs and more people leaving Massachusetts. You may list me/my organization in formal opposition to The Tax Hike Amendment.