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This November, Massachusetts voters will vote on Question 1, an Amendment to the State Constitution that would drastically change the structure of income taxes in the Commonwealth. If passed, it would be one of the state’s highest income tax increases in history and immediately impose an 80% tax increase on tens of thousands of small business owners, large employers, and retirees. And, it would give politicians a blank check to spend billions of taxpayer dollars however they want, with no accountability.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations from across the state are coming together to VOTE NO on Question 1.

Information about Question 1
Massachusetts Tax Hike Amendment

Imposes one of the largest tax hikes in Massachusetts history

Removes a constitutional taxpayer protection

Gives politicians a blank check, with no accountability

Taxes the nest eggs of homeowners, retirees and small businesses

Damages our economy when MA already has a giant budget surplus

Join our growing Coalition to STOP the Tax Hike Amendment

We are a coalition of concerned individuals, businesses, and organizations from across Massachusetts who are opposed to the flawed ballot question that would impose giant tax increases - damaging our economy, badly hurting small business owners, and resulting in even more lost jobs and more people leaving Massachusetts. You may list me/my organization in formal opposition to The Tax Hike Amendment.

What Mass. voters are saying

  • Leo Cakounes

    “People need to look outside the box when thinking about this amendment. Millionaires are not the only people being affected by this tax. Small businesses, retirees, homeowners and other Massachusetts residents will be impacted every year. I’ve never seen a million dollars in income in family farm products in my 20 years in the cranberry business, but this will have detrimental impacts on our business as we work to recover from the last two years.”

    Leo Cakounes Cranberry Farmer
  • Lisa Alcock

    “As a former public school teacher for nearly 15 years, I know the need for students to have quality, affordable education. However, the Tax Hike Amendment is deceptive. Because of a loophole in the constitutional amendment, there is no guarantee that money from this huge tax increase would actually increase spending on education and transportation. Instead, the politicians who put this on the ballot are giving themselves a blank check to redirect existing funding for education and transportation to their own pet projects, with no accountability.”

    Lisa Alcock Former Public School Teacher
  • Sriprakash Kothari

    “In the current turbulent economic environment and as the Commonwealth faces competition from zero-tax states like Florida and Texas, a tax increase of any amount is unwarranted. While the intent of the amendment is to tax Massachusetts’ top earners, in actuality, it will adversely impact small business owners and retirees. Many will flee the state, and we will miss out on the economic benefit of reinvesting revenue productively to generate benefits for all.”

    Sriprakash Kothari Professor
  • Ricardo Souza

    “As the owner of EFR Mechanical, a Boston based business with contracts solely in the state of Massachusetts, I oppose the Tax Hike Amendment. I know the proposed Tax Hike Amendment will harm our economy, reduce investments in our business and discourage savings and the capital accumulation that is vital to a healthy and vibrant economy in our state. The amendment will negatively affect job growth throughout Massachusetts—particularly within the construction industry—which has been severely affected by the COVID pandemic and the resulting supply chain issues. This tax will further burden individuals who own small businesses in the construction industry, such as mine, and cause unjust financial strain.”

    Ricardo Souza Small Business Owner
  • Brian Shortsleeve

    “As the former head of the MBTA, I know there is zero guarantee that the money raised from this amendment will increase education and transportation spending. Due to a loophole in the amendment, “subject to appropriation” means legislators can take this money and use it for their own pet projects - it means giving Beacon Hill a blank check with no accountability. Massachusetts already has a $10 billion surplus, this amendment is far too damaging to small businesses, retirees and residents across the Commonwealth.”

    Brian Shortsleeve Small Business Owner
  • Pamela Layton

    “Each year, over 50 percent of people facing this tax hike will be a million-dollar filer just once in their lives. The Massachusetts Tax Hike Amendment is an ill-conceived measure that will permanently re-write our constitution, raising our income tax at a time when our state has a surplus of funds. These increased taxes will threaten our small businesses, harm retirees, and result in more jobs lost across the state. Our elected officials should focus on being more efficient with existing funding from taxpayer dollars prior to raising taxes.”

    Pamela Layton Small Business Executive
  • Mitch Roberts & David Peterman

    "We've grown for 25 years in Massachusetts by reinvesting our earnings into our staff and expanding locations creating new jobs with each restaurant we open. Increased income taxes would devastate our ability to reinvest in our teams and create good, new jobs.”

    Mitch Roberts & David Peterman Business Owners, PR Restaurants
  • Harvey Hurvitz

    “Our company, which as of last year is 100% employee owned, would not have had the resources to be viable If this additional tax burden was in place. Passage of this amendment will be detrimental to small business and the Massachusetts economy.”

    Harvey Hurvitz Small Business Owner

Meet Our Coalition

of individuals and organizations who oppose the Tax Hike Amendment:
(Partial list)

  • Adam Portnoy Business Executive Newton, MA
    Agatha Manning New Bedford
    Alan Becker Springfield
    Albert Tjørnehøj Homeowner South Hamilton
    Amanda Johnson Roslindale
    Anthony Digiacomo Saugus
  • Anthony Grimaldi Retiree Hampden
    Anthony Smith Lenox
    Alex Fabrycki Monson
    Alvaro Pimentel Uxbridge
    Amber Morrison Turners Falls
    Andrea Brown East Wareham
  • Andree Lerat Jamaica Plain
    Andrew Crosby Stow
    Andrew Davis Small Business Owner Boston, MA
    Andrew Stasinos Haverhill
    Anne Marie Varjabedian Whitinsville
    Anthony Calderone Westborough
  • Austin McGuirk Boston
    Barbara Bonville Acushnet
    Barbara Greene Somerville
    Barbara Harris Lynn
    Barbara LaBonte Chicopee
    Barbara Suhr North Andover
  • Barry Petitpas Homeowner Plymouth
    Beverly Gillooly North Adams
    Billy Monson South Grafton
    Bob Robert Winn Retiree Harwich
    Bob Winn Harwich
    Borth Kevin Weymouth
  • Brian O’Reilly Veteran Kingston
    Bronie Rozenas Homeowner Rochester
    Breht Feigh Small Business Executive Concord, MA
    Brian Kavoogian Investment Manager Wellesley Hills, MA
    Brian Shortsleeve Small Business Owner Boston, MA
    Brian Walsh Winchendon
  • Carol Mendonca Taunton
    Carl Lemos North Dartmouth
    Carl Nilsson Arlington
    Carleton Burr Small Business Owner Marion, MA
    Carol Mendonca Taunton
    Carole Scovel Wakefield
  • Caroline Colarusso Stoneham
    Carolyn Abbott Westminster
    Carolyn Zinner Salem
    Catherine Hasset Homeowner Yarmouth Port
    Cathy Kielinen Holden
    Cathy Slade Retiree Roslindale
  • Cathy McDonnell Retiree Boston, MA
    Charles Shlimon Dracut
    Cheryl Mavrikos Brookline
    Cheryl Moreau Retiree Southbridge
    Chris Bilotto Business Executive Newton, MA
    Christian Palmerin Fitchburg
  • Christine Girard Westminster
    Christine Patterson Pembroke
    Christopher Anderson President, MA High Tech Council Westford, MA
    Christopher Medeiros Middleboro
    Claire Botelho Acushnet
    Clark David Northfield
  • Clark Minson Small Business Owner Westport
    Clyde Waite Veteran Norton
    Cynthia Bellan Marlborough
    Cynthia Souza Fall River
    Dale Sterin Chelmsford
    Damien Bouchard Readsboro, VT
  • Dan Prouty Entrepreneur Oxford
    Daniel Bonnette CPA Worcester, MA
    Daniel Hawkins Duxbury
    Daniel Pascucci North Pembroke
    Daniel Pucillo Small Business Owner Mashpee, MA
    Daniel Rodriquenz Retiree Leominster
  • David Chapdelaine Chicopee
    David Kindred Small Business Owner North Andover, MA
    David Walker Investment Manager Chestnut Hill
    David Johnson Roslindale
    David Levesque Chelmsford
    David St Laurent Fall River
  • Davis Kalloch Chelmsford
    Dawn Albert Cherry Valley
    Dawn Schallhorn Northborough
    Dean White Hinsdale
    Deb Thompson Westfield
    Debra Morgan Retiree Boston
  • Denise Wood Fitchburg
    Dolce Vita Properties Small Business
    Don Charron Bellingham
    Donald Foss Shirley
    Donna Bassett Brockton
    Doretta Holloway Healthcare Worker East Longmeadow
  • Dwain McCollough Veteran Ashland
    Edward Grayson Jr Union Member Falmouth
    Edward Roberts Professor Boston, MA
    Edward Stone Retiree Athol
    Eileen McAnneny Taxpayer Advocate Boston, MA
    Elaine Courtney Wilbraham
  • Elizabeth Kehoe Homeowner Sterling
    Eric Donahue Hyannis
    Evelyn Maki Sterling
    Everett Skinner Jr Wrentham
    Farrah Saltmarsh East Bridgewater
    Frances Gaffey Retiree Holbrook
  • Frank Fitzgerald Waltham
    Frederic Clifford Retiree Duxbury, MA
    Gary Freeman Fitchburg
    Gary Lapine Retiree West Brookfield
    George Delany Rehoboth
    George Rooke Retiree East Longmeadow
  • Glen Courtney South Hadley
    Gordon Bennett Ware
    Gordon Bennett Investment Manager Brookline, MA
    Grant Schaumburg Retiree Boston, MA
    Greg Ortiz Lowell
    Gregg Lebovitz Brookline
  • Guy Alberghini Groton
    H.B. Forslund Landsborough
    Halley Michael Nahant
    Hardwick Simmons Retiree Marion, MA
    Harvey Hurvitz Small Business Owner Westwood, MA
    Hugh Mellor II Real Estate Investor Westwood, MA
  • Hull Associates Small Business
    Irina Wulf Swampscott
    Israr Ahmad East Boston
    James Cavanaugh Peabody
    James Craig Bridgewater
    James Dann Abington
  • James Kirker Hyde Park
    Jana Dubova Dighton
    Janice Carfagna Retiree Somerville
    Jared Calderwood Middleboro
    Jason Boiteau Blackstone
    Jay Halicki Retiree Roslindale
  • Jay Torrisi Small Business Owner Woburn, MA
    Jayne Powers Beverly
    Jeff Leer Business Executive Newton, MA
    Jeanice Kangis Retiree Hopedale
    Jeanne Roman Holland
    Jeffrey Chaet Homeowner
  • Jeffrey Miner Homeowner Rutland
    Jennifer Garland Harwich
    Jennifer Wellman Consumer Advocate Rowley
    Jessica Cabral North Easton
    Jill Heroux Somerset
    Jimmy Burke Plymouth
  • Jennifer Francis Business Executive Newton, MA
    Jim Ferenczy Upton
    Jim Stergios President, Pioneer Institute Boston, MA
    Joan Cabral North Dartmouth
    Joan Pitas Attleboro
    Joe Doyle Quincy
  • Joe Gavin Stoneham
    Joel P. Murray Small Business Owner Dedham, MA
    John Capone Westwood
    John Kenney Union Member Hyde Park
    John Kuder Homeowner Lee
    John Lenoci Whitman
  • John Petrella Medford
    John Sullivan Chelmsford
    Joseph Mercurio Retiree Plymouth, MA
    Joseph Notaro Clinton
    Joseph O’Handley Sharon
    Joseph Pruell Retiree Naples, FL
  • Joseph Talty Reading
    Josephine Grammont Gardner
    John Handrahan Amesbury
    John Murphy Quincy
    John Murray Business Executive Newton, MA
    John Richardson Easthampton
  • John R. Durling Winchendon
    Jonathan Schmidt Chicopee
    Jonathan Pertchik Business Executive Newton, MA
    Joseph Capen North Billerica
    Joyce Gingras South Hampton
    Judi Venezia Woburn
  • Kacy Caskey Savoy
    Karen Knox Amesbury
    Karin Griffin Homeowner Rutland
    Kathleen Eichelroth Uxbridge
    Kathleen Firth North Attleboro
    Kathleen Shiavone Halifax
  • Kathryn Saraceno Franklin
    Kayla Santos Foxboro
    Keith Barnett Attorney Westford, MA
    Kelly Spellman Contractor and Remodeler Framingham
    Kelsey Cobb Rutland
    Kevin O'Sullivan Marlborough
  • Kristen Crowell Roslindale
    Larry Flamand Northbridge
    Laura Bologna Small Business Owner Lexington
    Laura Landrigan Gloucester
    Laura Watt Homeowner Taunton
    Laurence Ehrhardt Small Business Owner Boston, MA
  • Lawrence Allers Union Member Franklin
    Lee Holt Whitman
    Leslie Correia Somerset
    Linda Bartlett Springfield
    Linda Bell North Adams
    Linda Liebenow Retiree Greenfield
  • Linda Fort Indian Orchard
    Linda Frattura Quincy
    Linda Hutchins Mashpee
    Linda Lachance Newburyport
    Linda Sherman South Hamilton
    Lisa Crane Retiree Marshfield
  • Mac Craven Homeowner Lexington
    Madeleine Baptiste New Bedford
    Marie Barron Small Business Owner Amesbury
    Margaret Evans Centerville
    Margret Cota Fitchburg
    Marjorie Kirchmeyer Healthcare Worker Medford
  • Mark Leff Lender Rowley, MA
    Mark Pierce Haydenville
    Mark Skirvin Holbrook
    Martha Scannell Milford
    Mary Mila Woburn
    Matthew Haight Beverly
  • Matthew Jordan Financial Advisor Needham, MA
    Meg Flaherty Plymouth
    Melissa Francis Gloucester
    Melvin Clouse Retiree Westwood, MA
    Michael Carvalho Rehoboth
    Michael Cronin Investment Manager Weston, MA
  • Michael Gerard Retiree Millis
    Michael Smith Middleboro
    Michelle Marion Dracut
    Michelle Moffett Shirley
    Mihir Bajaj Wilbraham
    Michael Mandella Worcester
  • Michael Pedini Attleboro
    Michael Singer Yarmouth
    Mike Barry Cohasset
    Mike Bordenca Waltham
    N.L. Rinsma Retiree Stockbridge
    Natalie Tripp Acushnet
  • Nancy Aguiar Dighton
    Nancy Cincotta Retiree Plymouth
    Nancy Youtt Homeowner Westminster
    Nancy Huntley South Easton
    Nick Vantine Sandwich
    Nick Zaccardi Holden
  • Nik Baccelli East Freetown
    Noemi Perez Lawrence
    Norman D. Fredette Acushnet
    Nu-England Services Co Small Business
    Pam Ireland Sales Associate Everett, MA
    Pamela Layton Small Business Executive Westwood, MA
  • Pamela Perkins New Braintree
    Patricia Jones Consumer Advocate Oxford
    Patricia Schmidt Sandwich
    Patty Provencher Wrentham
    Patricia O'Connell Walpole
    Paul Connolly Plymouth
  • Paul Fractic Plymouth
    Penny Gioiello Adams
    Paul Sardella Kingston
    Paula Sperry Healthcare Worker Eastham
    Peter Bergeron North Adams
    Phillip DiTommaso East Weymouth
  • Ralph Porzio South Grafton
    Ramona Chapin Quincy
    Raven Wynters Lowell
    Raymond Jerome Hopkinton
    Rebecca Karlen Dalmas Wellfleet
    Rene Boucher Springfield
  • Regina Correira East Falmouth
    Richard Bourbeau North Dartmouth
    Richard Bryan Firefighter Braintree
    Richard Lane Attleboro
    Ricardo Souza Small Business Owner Burlington, MA
    Richard Hoyer Retiree Wayland, MA
  • Richard Schmalensee Professor Cambridge, MA
    Ronna Perlmutter Retiree Needham, MA
    Rob Hunter Contractor and Remodeler Hanson
    Robert Feinberg Retiree North Dartmouth
    Robert Guthro Wareham
    Robert Huntley Plymouth
  • Robert Johnson Public Safety Officer Halifax
    Robert Moody Milford
    Robin Adair Retiree Hopkinton
    Roman Ivanes North Attleboro
    Ronald Beaty West Barnstable
    Ronald Penley Salem
  • Ross Priscilla Dudley
    Ruth Soring Quincy
    Ryan Conway Contractors and Remodelers’ Advocate Boston, MA
    Sandra Caruso Retiree Franklin
    Scott Thompson Mashpee
    Sean Dillon Lowell
  • Seth Lederman Small Business Owner South Dartmouth, MA
    Shannon Chase Employee New Bedford
    Shawn Ryan Small Business Owner Sterling
    Shawn Shubin North Bellerica
    Sheena Blanchard Gardner
    Sheila Cummings Danvers
  • Sheila Worden Homeowner Springfield
    Sherrie Sperry Retiree Brockton
    Sherry Fryling Middleboro
    Sriprakash Kothari Professor Lexington, MA
    Stephen Fantone Small Business Owner Wakefield, MA
    Stephen Jamison Topsfield
  • Stephen Jones Jr. North Adams
    Stephen Richard Lynnfield
    Stefan Thomke Professor Boston
    Stephanie DeSantis Retiree Natick
    Stephan Murphy Orleans
    Steven Crowell Methuen
  • Steven Cravenho Retiree East Taunton
    Susan Ferrarini Wilbraham
    Susan Coleman Billerica
    Tammy Beauchemin Winchendon
    Teresa Conrado Worcester
    Teri Weschler Lexington
  • Thomas Lorenzini Business Executive Newton, MA
    Tina Naylor Palmer
    Thomas Daley Homeowner Franklin
    Toby Burr Small Business Owner
    Todd Hargreaves Business Executive Newton, MA
    Vicky Harris-Wolfe Seekonk
  • Victoria Chase Farmer South Chatam
    Vincent Blanchard Retiree East Longmeadow
    Walter Deery Homeowner Fitchburg
    Wayne Fryling Middleboro
    Wayne Mansfield Retiree Boxford
    Wendy Murphy Dover
  • William Bartlett Gloucester
    William Broderick West Springfield
    William Caddigan Whitman
    William Coffey Nahant
    William Eve Braintree
    William Howard Retiree Swansea
  • William Lewis Malden
    William Rooney Homeowner Winchester
    William Zick Worcester
    Yael Duffy Business Executive Newton, MA

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