November 9, 2022

Coalition to Stop the Tax Hike Amendment Statement on Question 1

The Coalition to Stop the Tax Hike Amendment is disappointed by the passage of Question 1. There is no guarantee that this ill-conceived amendment will increase spending for either education nor transportation. It will, however, severely impact retirees, homeowners, and hardworking residents across the state. This amendment will hurt small businesses as they struggle with inflation, supply chain issues, and work to rebuild from the negative impacts of the pandemic.

The Coalition to Stop the Tax Hike Amendment was supported by over one thousand residents, homeowners, retirees, farmers, small business owners, large employers, and organizations representing over 25,000 small businesses across the state who understand the consequences of Question 1.

Today is a setback for the Massachusetts economy, a setback for small business owners, a setback for retirees, and a setback for homeowners who will be captured by this amendment.

Although we are disappointed in the final vote tally, we remain proud of the work of our campaign which resulted in an incredibly close race. Organized labor outspent our Coalition 2:1, and yet over one million voters and the majority of cities and towns across the Commonwealth came together to vote No on 1. We thank all our supporters for the time, resources, and energy they volunteered for the campaign.